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As a remote getaway short-term rental house, Cozy Escapes gives you the time and space to create your own balance of getting out to EXPLORE the local area & slowing down to ENJOY the coziness of the Cozy Escapes experience.

We help you create an experience that gives you and your family permission to slow down and enjoy some of life’s simple pleasures in what will feel like a home-away-from-home.

We all have something we need an escape from. Whether it is the work grind, endless house projects, full calendars, daily routines, or the to-do list abyss, we can all agree that life is busy, and it isn’t slowing down anytime soon. This leaves each of us practically begging our own selves to take a break.

Here at Cozy Escapes, we believe in the power of disconnecting from distractions that life throws our way in order to reconnect with loved ones, and ourselves.

Why Cozy

What is
Cozy Escapes?

Meet the Laurins

We are the Laurins, a busy family of six. We created Cozy Escapes in 2018, because it is what we found we needed in our own lives. We get distracted, overwhelmed by a full schedules, and off-course.

For us, Cozy Escapes allow us to…

…engage fully with our kids
…reconnect as a couple
…slow down our pace
…recenter ourselves
…readjust our priorities in life
…adventure and have new experiences together

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