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Thank you for your time and consideration!

We would like to purchase your home with cash and look forward to making it as smooth of a process for you as possible. We are looking for homes in a peaceful setting, and feel that yours is a great fit.

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How we can connect...

— We focus on the whole guest experience from the time a guest hears about us until after their stay. 
— We immerse ourselves in the community. A Cozy Escapes house is a second home for our family.
— We feature local art and items in our rental. We also sell items from local makers and artists at the house.
— We tell the stories of local businesses, artists, and makers through various marketing outlets.
— We love providing our guests personalized recommendations about things to do in the area based on our own experience.
— We want our guests to feel like they are staying at a friend’s house, and connect with them through various ways.

What Makes Cozy Escapes Unique?

Cozy Escapes is our business that specializes in short-term rentals. We are passionate about creating homey spaces, so our guests can feel immediately welcomed in. We currently own one house in Mount Jackson, Virginia and rent it out to guests from near and far. We are looking to expand in order to provide more families the time and space to connect with loved ones.

what is cozy escapes?

We are Rachael and Jon Laurin, and we’re happy to connect. With three young kids (ages 6, 3, and 1), we are a busy military family who enjoys exploring new places. We value setting aside time to disconnect, and doing so together as a family. 

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